Typinator 7.6 MacOS
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Typinator 7.6 MacOS
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Typinator 7.6 MacOS
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Category: Applications | Date: 13-Jun-2018
Typinator 7.6 macOS
Typinator 7.6 macOS | 7.8 MB
We've all faced projects that require repetitive typing tasks. With Typinator, you can store commonly used text and images in quick keywords and abbreviations. From email templates to code snippets to website URLs, there's no easier way to recreate repetitive text at a moment's notice.

- quickly type greeting phrases,
- set up a list of standard text fragments to be used in e-mail replies,
- insert the current date and/or time in arbitrary formats with a few keystrokes,
- auto-correct your most frequent typos in all applications system-wide,
- predefined sets for auto-correction, HTML, Filemaker functions,
- import snippets from other typing utilities, including Textpander,
- TextExpander, and TypeIt4Me,
- insert pictures, such as smilies or bullets,
- insert Unicode symbols by typing a few special regular characters (e.g., type -> to insert an arrow symbol),
- define shorthands for frequently used Unix commands,
- quickly create templates for code fragments, if you are a programmer, and more
System Req:Mac OS X 10.6 or newer