Immune System Optimization & Manage Hydration & Overtrain..
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Immune System Optimization & Manage Hydration & Overtraining
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Immune System Optimization & Manage Hydration & Overtraining
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Based on over 20 years of fitness and endurance sports experience, including 10 years training in tropical heat

What you'll learn
Learn how I drastically improved my immune system
Get my 3 simple Hydration monitoring principles - correct Hydration helps improve performance and all biological processes
Understand more about electrolyte sources, function and necessity
Learn my 4 Overtraining monitoring methods and how to adjust training intensity and recovery
No special skills required, but it's good if you have a scale for body weight, a smart phone and 10 minutes in the kitchen every morning
I'm really happy to finally create and publish this course, because it literally changed my life 5 years ago when I learned the immune Optimization routine and implemented it every day since.
It is also combined with my Hydration and Overtraining tracking system, and briefly touching on stress reduction, because all these systems are interconnected - and optimising these 3 just mentioned, combined with enough sleep and healthy food will also support your immune function and Athletic Performance.Building better habits and systems and understanding the foundation of success and happiness is my main topic.My Business career & education- 12 years as international entrepreneur (since 2010)- Studied Nano science, AAU university Denmark (so I enjoy using strong logic)- CEO in business start-ups / operations: EU, US & Asia- Tripadvisor Award winner 2016+17, via my business in tourism industry, AsiaOther skills and expertise- 20 years of fitness and motorcycle racing experience (helps with mind set) my life perspectiveMy life view - Happiness and feeling successful is the real goal behind all our goals, so let's study happiness & success - Let's build our best future starting todayWaking up excited, working with a sense of purpose and creating plans and systems for improvement in both finance, health, social life, and not forgetting your hobbies and passions - this is key to a happy life. I have worked 10 years as an entrepreneur & as a hobby I'm a motorcycle racer & I'm also into fitness and health. In terms of finance I'm also into stock trading & investing, but mainly as a way of storing value wisely.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Immune system optimization - No fever for 5 years since I implemented this

Lecture 3 Hydration management - My 3 monitoring principles

Lecture 4 Overtraining tracking system and adjustment methods

Lecture 5 Tips for implementing my systems

For people who want to improve overall health and immune function, with tools for managing Hydration and Overtraining


Immune System Optimization & Manage Hydration & Overtraining
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Category: Tutorials | Date: 05-Aug-2022