Human Design Projector: What Is An Invitation?!
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Human Design Projector: What Is An Invitation?!
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Category: Tutorials | Date: 05-Aug-2022
Human Design Projector: What Is An Invitation?!
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The course to take if you're a Projector who is struggling to understand and follow your Human Design Strategy.
What you'll learn
Learn how your Human Design Strategy "Wait for the Invitation" actually HELPS you
Understand what "Wait for the Invitation" actually means (with real life examples)
Learn the difference between 'recognition' and 'invitations' (and how they play together)
Know when you need to wait (for an invite) and when you don't
Understand the important differences between waiting for invites, waiting to respond and initiating
This course is a useful follow on from the Projector Bners Course. It will serve you well to have a foundational knowledge about what it means to be a Projector in Human Design. So if you haven't taken the Projector Bners Course but you already know quite a lot about being a Projector (but still struggle with the whole 'invites' thing) then you can jump right into this course.
If you're fairly new to HD and know you're a "Projector" Type but you don't really get what this whole "Wait for the Invitation" Strategy thing means, then you're in the right place.This course is for you if you're looking for a really straightforward, easy-to-understand, user-friendly, self-paced course on Human Design and you're a Projector (or have one in your life you wish you understood better!)It's an in-depth masterclass focused specifically and entirely on the Human Design Strategy of the Projector.If you're still in the first few weeks or months of your HD journey and you have a basic understanding of what it means to be a Projector already, then this course is for you. This course will also be helpful if you have been learning about Human Design for a while and you're still tripping over your HD Strategy. (Fear not: many, many Projectors struggle with this. That's why there's a whole course on this one aspect alone).This course is designed to make the complicated nature of Human Design as simple as possible so you can get on with your life and make it work better than it currently is!This course is not for you if you are any other Type than a Projector (unless you're taking the course to better understand a Projector loved one that is!)But it is for you if you're in the 21% of the population that's a Projector and you're finding it hard to understand and follow your Human Design Strategy.You'll get the most out of it if you can understand fluent English. Please know that your instructor is from Australia so expect to hear an Aussie accent!


Section 1: How to get the most out of this course

Lecture 1 Let's do it!

Section 2: How following your Human Design Strategy will help you

Lecture 2 Part 1

Section 3: When you need to wait and when you don't

Lecture 3 Part 2

Section 4: Examples, examples, examples. Everyone loves examples!

Lecture 4 Part 3

Section 5: Frequently Asked Questions

Lecture 5 Part 4

This is for Projectors who are keen to understand how to follow their Human Design Strategy.,It's for you if you've been struggling to get your head around this whole 'invitation' thing. You know there's something in it for you but you just don't get it!,It's for you if you've been struggling to do life, relationships and business the way others taught you to.,It will be helpful whether you're 3 weeks into your HD journey journey or 3 years. If you're still not managing to wait for invitations, then this course will have something in it to help you.,Finally, it will serve anyone who love or supports a Projector and wants to better understand this Type.


Human Design Projector: What Is An Invitation?!
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Category: Tutorials | Date: 05-Aug-2022