Photography: First Steps In Getting To Know Your Camera
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Photography: First Steps In Getting To Know Your Camera
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Photography: First Steps In Getting To Know Your Camera

Published 12/2022
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First Steps in Getting to Know your Camera

What you'll learn
Understanding the way a camera works.
Understanding the parameters of the camera and being able to shoot in manual mode.
Understanding the focal length, the different types of lenses and the type of photography they are used for.
Understanding the use of different camera modes, the camera's autofocus system, white balance and metering modes.

This course is designed for amateur photographer and anyone interested or passionate about photography.

This course is aimed at people who have just discovered their passion for photography, aimed at amateur photographers who are making their first steps in this domain. Along the lectures, you will learn about the basics of photography by focusing on the tool you will be working with, the camera. Understanding and learning how to use your camera is a critical step in becoming a good photographer, a step one cannot skip. Many people consider photography an art, and it probably is, to some extent, but that doesn't mean that we are born with the talent of taking photos. It's a bit more than that because it's an art that requires work and knowledge. We need to know how to set up a camera, how to properly focus a photo, and many other things. Only by mastering these pieces of information will we be able to obtain the best results.Photography is about continuous learning because things are evolving, cameras are evolving, and, fortunately, they tend to make things easier for the photographer.My course's main goal is to introduce you to the world of photography, to help you learn to ''talk'' to your camera and use its functionalities so that you get the results you want from it. Let's take these first steps into photography together!

Section 1: Intro
Lecture 1 Intro
Section 2: A Short History of Photography
Lecture 2 Intro - The history of Photography
Section 3: Types of Cameras
Lecture 3 Types of Cameras
Section 4: The DSLR
Lecture 4 The DSLR
Lecture 5 The Lens
Section 5: Camera Parameters
Lecture 6 How to set up your camera?
Lecture 7 Exposure and Camera's Light Meter
Lecture 8 The Aperture
Lecture 9 How to change the aperture on Canon and Nikon?
Lecture 10 Depth of Field
Lecture 11 Shutter Speed
Lecture 12 How to change shutter speed on Canon and Nikon?
Lecture 13 Using Shutter Speed for Artistic Outcome
Lecture 14 ISO
Lecture 15 How to change the ISO on Canon and Nikon?
Lecture 16 Auto ISO
Lecture 17 How do we set up all these parameters? A bit of math.
Lecture 18 Exposure Compensation
Section 6: Camera's Autofocus System
Lecture 19 Camera's Autofocus System
Lecture 20 AF Modes and When to Use Them
Section 7: Camera Modes, Metering Modes and White Balance
Lecture 21 Camera Modes
Lecture 22 Metering Modes
Lecture 23 White Balance
Section 8: Final test
Section 9: Conclusion
Lecture 24 Conclusion
The course is designed for people interested in learning more about photography.

Photography: First Steps In Getting To Know Your Camera
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Category: | Date: 03-Dec-2022