ExtendSim Pro 10.1.1 (x64)
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ExtendSim Pro 10.1.1 (x64)
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ExtendSim Pro 10.1.1 (x64)
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The ultimate simulation tool! ExtendSim Pro adds discrete rate, reliability block diagramming (RBD), and other advanced modeling technologies to ExtendSim DE.

Advanced Simulation Capabilities
This package offers advanced technology that goes beyond the typical continuous or discrete event modeling capabilities of other simulation applications.

-Discrete Rate Module — to simulate systems that involve tanks, levels, and valves, plus modeling of the storage and rate-based movement of system components.Learn more
-First of its kind Reliability Block Diagramming (RBD) tool that forms a powerful synergy between the process simulation power of ExtendSim and detailed reliability analysis offered by reliability block diagramming. The Reliability module can be used as either a standalone RBD tool or in conjunction with ExtendSim process simulation capabilities.Learn more
-The Excel Add-In for ExtendSim databases allows you to completely specify a new ExtendSim database in Excel, including parent/child relationships, cell randomization, named distributions, and more. Then export the database for use in ExtendSim models.
-Stat::Fit® (from Geer Mountain) to determine which distributions, if any, offer a good fit for the underlying data.
-Connectivity with Oracle — import data from or export data to an Oracle database.
-Plus, all the features and capabilities of ExtendSim DE and ExtendSim CP.

Core features in ExtendSim products
-ExtendSim is the family name for a line of powerful simulation products and components.
-Adopted throughout the world by corporations, academia, and governmental entities, Extend-
Sim is used to simulate processes and systems in business, engineering, and science.
-All ExtendSim products contain a core set of features, including
-Pre-built blocks for data access (read/write/import/export), math, equations and logical
expressions, optimization, random number generation, scenario analysis, routing, statistics,
charting, and output reports. (Additional libraries of blocks are included, depending
on the product purchased.)
-An equation editor for specifying the simplest to the most complex of logical statements,
writing compound conditions, and even full programming segments. Use the same
-ExtendSim tools that programmers would use to create custom blocks.
-A Chart library with blocks for graphically displaying outputs
-A Report library with a Reports Manager, Statistics, and other blocks for output analysis.
-Hierarchy for unlimited layers of submodels with customizable icons. Store hierarchical
blocks in libraries for reuse in other models.
-Cloning of dialog items. Copy clones of parameter values to the model worksheet or to
notebooks for quick access to inputs and outputs.
-An authoring environment for creating custom user interfaces and dashboards, including
buttons, popups, check boxes etc.
-Interactive simulation runs - change parameters while the simulation is running.
-Organize and manage data with internal relational databases, plus an Excel Add-In for
transferring data between Excel and an ExtendSim database.
-Find an optimal solution using the Evolutionary Optimizer that can be added to any
-Run experiments and perform analysis using Sensitivity Analysis
-Systemically and strategically examine the outcome of different model configurations
using the Scenario Manager with export to JMP and MiniTab.

System Requirements
OS:A 64-bit version of Windows, such as 11 or 10.
CPU:The processor must be 64-bit, and since simulation is processor-intensive, we recommend it be as fast as possible.
Memory:2 GB RAM

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ExtendSim Pro 10.1.1 (x64)
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Category: Applications | Date: 02-Apr-2024
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