APA Ultimate Edition 5.6.19 246.1 MB
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APA Ultimate Edition 5.6.19 246.1 MB
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APA Ultimate Edition 5.6.19 246.1 MB
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APA Ultimate Edition 5.6.19  246.1 MB
APA Ultimate Edition 5.6.19
File size: 246.1 MB
APA Ultimate Edition is a powerful Vedic Astrology program that gives you a holistic understanding of your potential and your development.
It helps you to understand who you really are, what is your place in life, how you can best use your chances and avoid da

as, Raashis and Nakshatras at the same time and may be placed anywhere on the screen3. 6 Individual Kundalis can be displayed on screen simultaniously and analysed separately. Additionally other kundalis can be opened in separate windows.4. Screen-Display can be increased or decreased in size.5. Kundalis up to 2000 BC can be calculated - with integrated Julian Calender.6. Database - Persons data can be stored in Windows format.7. 8 Kundalis per Person can be displayed simmultaneously on the screenAdditional kundalis may be opened in a separate window - size can be adjusted8. Overlaying of kundalis of different people (e.g. for compatability).9. Rotation of a kundali - any Bhava may be rotated to the Lagna-position.10. Dashas (time periods)Displayed in a tree structure (sitemap) with up to 5 levels.Synchronisation of dashas for up to 6 persons for the same date and time.11. Gochar-Grahas (with phases of the moon)Displayed in the birth-kundali or optional in a separate kundali.Positions can be moved forth or back.in the range of seconds to years.12. A Muhurta-Tool (Vedic Time-Optimizer) is integrated into the software.13. Varshaphala (Yearly-Kundali) or Prashna (Question-Kundali) can be opened next to the birth-kundali.14. Birth Time Adjuster - adjust your birthtime and watch how this is changing your Dashas, Amsh-Kundalis, Grahapositions, Balas etc.15. Many additional tools like Astro Clock, Eclipse Finder or email option for charts16. Flexible Print Options:for 2, 4, 9, 15 or 21.kundalis per person.Dasha-Printouts can be defined for 1 to 5 levels,.different time spans or as a.tree.struktur.Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version