BBC: Miriams Big Fat Adventure (2020)
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BBC: Miriams Big Fat Adventure (2020)
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BBC: Miriams Big Fat Adventure (2020)
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Category: TV Shows | Date: 25-Mar-2020
BBC - Miriam's Big Fat Adventure (2020)
BBC - Miriam's Big Fat Adventure (2020)
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Category: Documentary

After a lifetime of worrying about her weight, 78-year-old actress Miriam Margolyes embarks on a journey to work out why the nation is getting ever fatter.
Miriam Margolyes travels around the nation to discover why so many people are overweight, despite so much information about healthy lifestyles. She wants to understand what impact being obese has on people and how the rest of society views them and begins by meeting people fighting back against their size - both physically and psychologically.

In the second half Miriam sets out to find out what is being done to combat the obesity crisis, and meets people who are going to extreme and sometimes controversial lengths to lose weight. To understand the true cost of the epidemic, Miriam meets 41-year-old Angela, whose leg was amputated two years ago. Her weight meant she needed a knee operation, which led to a sepsis infection. Stuck at home relying on carers to wash, dress and feed her, Miriam is shocked to learn how Angela's weight upended her life.

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