Smooze 1.9.7 MacOS
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Smooze 1.9.7 MacOS
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Smooze 1.9.7 MacOS
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Category: Applications | Date: 21-Nov-2020
Smooze 1.9.7 macOS
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Even though macOS comes with a mouse preference pane, it is quite limited as it offers insufficient options for customizing the scroll feature, the mouse's buttons, and absolutely no mouse gesture support.

Unobtrusive tool created to help you smooth out your scrolling, as well as to add custom mouse buttons actions and mouse gestures to any app

Smooze is an application designed to fill in the gap left by Apple in macOS' mouse customization department. Once launched, Smooze will add a status bar item with a menu which enables you to set the app to start automatically on login, as well to disable its custom scroll ee and button actions, and access its options.

- Disable scroll acceleration in macOS 10.12 Sierra (the app is not free but that specific feature is free and will always be free)

- Every app you own will have buttery smooth scrolling

- Save by attaching mouse buttons to actions

- Disable animated scroll for specific apps

macOS 10.12 or later 64-bit