ABBYY Lingvo European V1.11.5 MAS (MacOSX)
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ABBYY Lingvo European V1.11.5 MAS (MacOSX)
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ABBYY Lingvo European V1.11.5 MAS (MacOSX)
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ABBYY Lingvo European v1.11.5 MAS (MacOSX)
ABBYY Lingvo European v1.11.5 MAS (MacOSX) | 832 MB | Language: Multilanguage

ABBYY Lingvo European quickly and accurately translates words and phrases without an Internet connection.
109 dictionaries for 7 languages (Russian, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese) are included in the application. All ABBYY Lingvo European dictionaries are licensed from leading international publishers.
• Get multiple translations and usage samples for each word meaning.
• Learn meanings of set expressions from general translation and idiomatic dictionaries, phrase books and dictionaries of English slang and colloquialisms.
• View synonyms and antonyms, grammar notes, verb forms, and cultural information.
• Look up accurate translations in different subject-based dictionaries (such as computer, engineering, law, medicine and many others).
• Listen to pronunciation of key words for English, Spanish, German, Russian and French recorded by native speakers.
• Get word translation quickly by using Services menu or shortcut (Command+\). This feature will only work in applications created using standard macOS components.
• Use pop-up translation by means of Safari Extension (only works in Safari).

Translation from ENGLISH into French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and back:
• French-English and English-French: 2 dictionaries with 44,000 entries
• Spanish-English and English-Spanish: 2 dictionaries with 44,000 entries
• German-English and English-German: 2 dictionaries with 43,700 entries
• Italian-English and English-Italian: 2 dictionaries with 44,000 entries

Translation from RUSSIAN into English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and back:
• English-Russian and Russian-English: 38 dictionaries with more than 2,000,000 entries
• French-Russian and Russian-French: 19 dictionaries with more than 1,000,000 entries
• Spanish-Russian and Russian-Spanish: 7 dictionaries with 184,950 entries
• German-Russian and Russian-German: 21 dictionaries with 858,500 entries
• Italian-Russian and Russian-Italian: 9 dictionaries with 673,000 entries
• Portuguese-Russian and Russian-Portuguese: 2 dictionaries with 230,000 entries

Explanatory dictionaries:
• Oxford Dictionary of English. 355,000 entries
• Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner's English Dictionary. 88,000 entries
• Russian: 3 dictionaries with 151,000 entries

Release Notes:
• Added Combinatory (En-Ru) dictionary
• Added pronunciation to mini-cards (in pop-up translation in Safari and translation via keyboard shortcuts/context menu)
• Fixed error when scrolling the text in the card
• Removed Computers (En-Ru), Communication (De-Ru), Active (Fr-Ru), Idioms (Fr-Ru), Law (Es-Ru) dictionaries
• Temporarily removed LingvoEconomics (En-Ru) dictionary
• Replaced Universal (Fr-Ru) dictionary with UniversalAST (Fr-Ru) dictionary and Universal (It-Ru) with UniversalHoepli (It-Ru) dictionary
• Minor bug fixes

Supported Operation System:
• 64-bit processor
• macOS 10.12 or later