Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio V17.3.2.0008 X64
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Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio V17.3.2.0008 X64
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Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio V17.3.2.0008 X64
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Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio v17.3.2.0008 x64
Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio v17.3.2.0008 x64 | 2.72 GB

Davinci Resolve 17 is the world's only solution for installation and color correction, imposing visual effects, creating graphics and post-processing sound in a single software environment. Its modern, the stylish interface is quite simple and intuitively understood both for new and experienced users. Davinci Resolve allows you to significantly optimize the creative process, since it is not required to master multiple applications or switch between different systems. Thus, you can work with the original high quality image. In essence, Davinci Resolve combines all post-produce studio attributes. Now you have access to Davinci Resolve tools that are used in Hollywood!
Davinci Resolve Studio 17 Contains over 50 additional features, including Davinci Neural Engine platform, new ResolveFX plugins and support for stereoscopic 3D images.
Note before installing
Those who use Davinci Resolve or Davinci Resolve Studio in Windows, we strongly recommend removing previous versions before installing 17.3. In the future, all Fairlight keyboard firmware updates, gradation and editor will be controlled using the Davinci Control Panel Settings utility.

Important information about managing the database
Davinci Resolve 17.3.2 requires database updates with Davinci Resolve 16.2.7 and previous versions. We strongly recommend that you make a backup copy of the existing database (both DISKDB and PostgreSQL), and then restore this database to update before upgrading to this release.
No changes in the database from 17.x.

What's new
Support Blackmagic RAW SDK 2.2.
Eliminated problems of instability when using color deformation.
The incorrect HDR backlight is eliminated when using a wide Davinci gamut.
The problem with the name of the recorded clips on the Fairlight time scale is eliminated.
The incorrect reboot of the cached sound effects on the connected tracks is eliminated.
The missing equalizers and other problems with automation in Fairlight are eliminated.
Fixed the incorrect display of Fairlight SpaceView for specific AMD drivers.
Possible freezes have been eliminated after using Fusion tracker modifiers.
Fixed the problem of planar Fusion conversion on small images.
Eliminated a problem with downloading for renders in Apple Silicon systems.
Eliminated problem with a classic stabilizer in Apple Silicon systems.
Fixed a problem with LUT generation in Apple Silicon systems.
Fixed improper frames when decoding certain XAVC clips.
Eliminated problem with imports incorrectly formed LUT CLF.
General improvements in productivity and stability.

1) Set Davinci Resolve, but not run.
2) Davinci label appears on the desktop, right-click on it -> the location of the file.
3) The location of the Davinci will open to which you want to copy the entire contents of the Crack folder with the file replacement.
4) Ready
- Windows 10 Creators Update.
- 16 GB of system memory. 32 GB when using Fusion
- Blackmagic Design Desktop Video 10.4.1 or later
- Integrated GPU or discrete GPU with at least 2GB of VRAM
- GPU which supports OpenCL 1.2 or CUDA 11
- NVIDIA/AMD/Intel GPU Driver version - As required by your GPU
- A minimum NVIDIA driver version of 451.82 is recommended.